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The pressure gauge in the bottle

Manufacturer saba Italy

It use for the pressure measurement inside the bottle.
There are crown cap type and a PET bottle type.

It use for pressure measurement inside the wine bottle.
The ranges are -1 - 5, 0-6 and 0 - 10bar.

SO2 dosing unit

SO2 dosing device

Manufacturer SICK Germany

It is 500g type
It can prevent mixing of ingredients, such as potassium, which pours in sulfurous acid gas directly into a tank.
This can add sulfurous acid correctly with a scale.
The protective cover for safe was attached.


Barrel washing machine

Manufacturer MOOG Switzerland

H.S. Standard 4.02
It use the high-pressure water from a high-pressure washing machine, and perform washing inside the barrel .
The injection nozzle which exists in the middle can wash the inside of a 360-degree barrel, and sewage collected on the bottom of a barrel is discharged automatically.
There are tank washing machine and container washing machine.


Capsule for wine

Manufacturer INTERCAP Italy

There are PVC, and aluminum/tin laminated capsule.
This TINHYBRID capsule does not become wrinkles by combination of tin.

The company was founded in 1924 and has been importing wine making machinery directly from Italy and France, etc. and selling it to wineris in Yamanshi and whole Japan.
In setting up a new winery, the company provides total solution/support based on experiences, ranging from proposal of the latest facilities such as wine processing machinery which suit client's needs to plant design and advice
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The company also buys and sells used processing machinery, and performs maintenance.

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